I like my nights, intercultural.

One of the best things about an experience abroad is to get to meet people from all over the world. From organized to spontaneous intercultural nights to cozy tavernas hidden in Athens to just being us, chilling at home. Last weekend I climbed the Hymettus mountain with 2 other volunteers from another NGO from Spain and Italy and two Iranian refugees. At this point, this country reference is not even significant – it is just purely for information, so that we stand on the same common ground. The mixture of adventure, effervescence, riskey business, sharing food and fear, and the constant soundtrack of high pitched laughter. This what an effective UN looks like. Diplomatic relations between the Portuguese government and other foreign countries has improved. It is also very interesting to see how a visitor comes into this biome and they can be shocked or just fit right in this life style.  To the nomadic life!


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