“The place of the rising sun”

This week I had my first Turkish tandem.  Having grown up in Portugal and I assume for not paying much attention to History classes, I was so elusive to the Ottoman empire. Perhaps, all my surrounding made me focus on our own previous empire, maybe for self-indulgence. It was only when I arrived in Greece that I started to learn more profoundly the neighbouring country and the tumultuous relationship with Greece. Ottoman empire lasted more than 600 years. Nowadays, such thing would not be possible with the world being held by so many alliances with balancing checks, and institutions trying to grasp international law. Nonetheless, many do argue that such empires still exist but through soft power with economic supremacy, and consequently cultural as well.
Although their intent was to expand the ottoman philosophy, inevitably they were also influenced by the lands of conquest. Also being in the route, so many peoples passed there and left their mark. All of these make the reasons why it is just a fascinating place. A common factor between all the cultures that intrigue me is the love for their food. This might be an unconscious “Anthony Bourdain syndrome.” I think the caring and appreciation for the food is translated feeling of value what is yours and what your land provides. A mystical land equally portrayed so beautifully with music.  
Even though, Turkey and the EU are not in the best standing, I am still super curious to get to know the country, the culture and the people. In three months, I will be finish my sentences with “yaaaa” or “ouffff”. I already substituted oregano for spearmint, but I have not yet added milk to my tomato soup.


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