Random !

The weather is changing in Athens, those super hot summer days are gone and now it’s getting even better for me.

As usal I have been exploring and getting lost all the time and I love when I get lost because I find always a place that I’ve never been before and I met really nice people this way.

Last weekend, good maps betrayed me and I went to place and I realized a friend of mine was not there.

Without battery, I was asking for diections and people couldn’t help me because the exactly same place that I was had the same adress of a place 7 kms further.

In the end, I found a girl ( Dimitra), we went to a bar we carged my phone and we tried to figure it out where was the taverna I was supposed to go.

7 kms! I asked for the closest metro station to go back home but Dimitra she was really focused on helping me to find my friend that she decided to walk the 7 kms with me. I never expected someone who do something like this without even knowing me.

Greece is full of offers and I could enjoy a concert with great musicians for free. They are so talented and the concert took place in an ideal closed space.

I can’t wait to see them playing again, and because they are friends with Anastasia it will be not the last time for sure!

We also enjoyed a free party in a club in Gazi (Gazi View) and… what a view from there you can have a perfect view of acropolis and surrondings, from the 5th floor! Despite the EVS budget if you learn how to enjoy the right things you can manage it without spending all of your money and have good experiences.

This time, we went out with volunteers from an another organisation ( Conect Athina) unfortunality their last day in Athens is on Monday (10 of October).

We used to go to their intercultural parties at their roof top and personally I had a great time every time I went there and people were so nice. A perfect atmosphere!

Two days before they left and we ramdomly found them on the streets of Athens afer coming from an African festival which was not a festival but dancing classes in a private space.

Now it is time to wait for the new volunteers. There a croatian boy and a portuguese girl coming to HYP and we will be 5 soon :).


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