It’s been a while since I shared something about my experience here.

We were expecting two new volunteers, and here they are! Davor and Mariana. The first day I met them we went to the city center with the best tour guide ever: Xristos. It reminded me our firsts days here exploring everything and knowing all the details of the history behind everything.

We have been spending a lot of time together because not only they go with us to the Forum of Migrants but also we use to hang out together.

In HYP things are getting more dynamic and I really apprecited the idea Isabel had about doing an art ciclying activity for the Park Challenge which consists in a project created by the PPP team of HYP.

By far I can tell this team is working really well and I consider their project well organised. Basically, their goal is to aware the social community to the fact that this park is abandoned and how to make it a place visited by locals. During this time, they had the activities within HYP’s team and locals and also a cooperation with people that helped them to plant trees in the park.

Personally, I think those iniciatives should be recognized by municipalities because they have the key to spread the message to a larger group of people in an effective way so it could suceed even more and also the bureaucracy is not motivating these inciatives between young people. Even though PPP team had the right vision and goal some people don’t even take a step foward because they are not motivated and don’t believe that any idea or project will be approved.

22766575_10214945306133957_1049532231_oMentioning our work in HYP, we already started to organise the intercultural nights. The turkish night was the first one and, even with a low budget, Melike did an amazing job. She cooked cezerye and Bórek with cheese that was so delicious and I suggest everyone to try it at least once. She also had stickers and ink so we could do a Henna tattoo and everyone was really excited to have one. It wouldn’t be a turkish night without turkish raki (rake) and a typical dance that I can’t get tired of it even though I don’t like to dance that much.

I am feeling inspired about our portuguese night after this one, a lot of people showed up and we met more turkish people working, doing an Erasmus project and also Evs here and, I hope when the three of us ( Me, Isabel and Mariana) will organise the portuguese one, it is going to be as sucessul as the turkish night.

For me, it was also very important that we invited Mr. Dakua ( president of Hara organisation which we met and we are cooperating with in doing a campaign to colect clothes and send to Bangladesh to help Rohingya people) so he could meet with our coordinator and get to know the office.

And because Athens is full of life, I am spending my free time going to concerts. Amazing concerts and almost all of them for free! Anastasia, a greek friend who is also a Russian teacher in HYP and a great musician and always maintains me informed because that is nothing better than have greek people telling you the best places/options for everything!

Two months left and I don’t feel like going back I still feel that I can stay here longer and do more stuff and I have a list of companies that I can apply for jobs being a portuguese girl with a very basic level of greek. Doing this, I could stay more and complete the mission of doing something with refugees.

Anyway I will start to volunteering in a shelter called City Plaza that I visited at first to go to a lecture with a lawyer from US and I got so amazed about the story of place and how they work.

For now, that’s all…


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