Final countdown!


The time to leave is almost coming! I can’t believe that more than 4 months already passed.

These weeks I’ve learned a lot of new things by sharing this experience with more people from others countries, including amazing greek people that I’ve met.

In HYP we have another volunteer doing a project on webdesign. He just arrived from France and now we are 6 volunteers working together which is amazing because we feel motivated to work all together and support each other in many ways.

Also Davor and Mariana, we easily felt really close to them and we have spend a lot of time together in HYP and in our free time.

I have help from Mariana now preparing the english classes in the Greek Forum of Migrants. I think with was just the perfect timing because me and Isabel we decided to separate the classes in two different levels and in separated classrooms. Our students are constantly changing and having someone else helping me is just perfect so we can manage to give attention to every student in particular according to their needs and knowledge.

The four of us, we already started working in the Ethiopian community. We had a meeting with Rosa (represents the Greek Forum of Migrants) and Kelly (the president of our organisation) and the president of the Ethiopian community. In this meeting we decided to prepare a test to know the level of english of our students and also the president of the community provided a classroom with all of the material that we need to start.

During these weeks, all wednesdays are reserved for meetings and trainings in HYP which I feel is important and we feel more connected to each other during the day and we learn how to see things in another perspective and personally I felt more creative after these workshops.


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