Last Days!

My EVS is coming to the end. I can say that these were the fastest 6 months of my life, for sure!

These last two weeks have been too intense between our personal projects in Hellenic Youth Participation and in the communities as well.

On the 5 th of December, was the Internation day of Volunteering and we decided to invite people from the local commnity to join us for one day so we half of them came with me and Isabel to the Greek Forum of Migrants and they loved it so much that they are coming all Tuesdays and Fridays and we even had a meeting with the coordinator from the Greek Forum of Migrants in order to arrange a class that they can teach as volunteers and I am really happy to know that when we will go home we have people to continue our mission.

I also presented my personal project, it was not as I planned but I still think that the idea of talking about climate changes in Greece is extremely important and maybe I can create a better impact in the local level in the future.

In our free time we have spent a lot of time all together and we went to Meteora and Ionnina which I don’t regret at all. Those are amazing places in Greece, totally different from Athens, but with an unique beauty.

Now it is time to enjoy the last days and the museums as much as we can in sundays and also prepare out return back home and conclude all of our evaluation process of these 6 months.


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