Chloé: her early experience

Text written by Chloé Athenès

Hello everyone !
My name is Chloé I’m 19 years old and I come from France (Marseille more precisely)
I am a new EVS volunteer at HYP for two months, which I think will be very short.
I arrived May 10, a little over ten days and it goes very very fast.
It’s a new experience, a new challenge for me!
I am always in a period of adaptation everything is new for me the country, the language, the work … Everyday I discover something new and I learn constantly … but still not to find me .. Google Maps is my best friend here (ahaha) Athens is a big city very charming several neighborhoods, several styles I really like it makes me think of Marseille.
My work colleagues are all very friendly and are here to help me because my english is not very good so communication is sometimes difficult. We often go out together after work or rest days and this moments are very pleasant, they are very good company, I like very much.
I learn a little bit Greek and it’s very funny because I can not roll the R with my tongue so the pronunciation is bad but I understand. Life is cheaper here which is really cool, I tasted the Freddo espresso, the famous Souvlakis, and the very good Fallafels … I still have a lot to discover I’m happy
I am very happy to be here !! It’s a very beautiful adventure that has already started for me. I am delighted to have taken the step, to be out of my comfort zone to live two months here even if it is not easy every day, I know it will be a tremendously rewarding experience! I’ll be here for 2 months so I will do my best to make myself useful to the organization HYP and make the most of this wonderful country that is Greece !!!


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