Enjoying the cultural events that the city offers…


Two volunteer’s music lovers were talking about attending the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival that was happening from the 4th to 10th June. It is such an interesting event especially if you enjoy music and jazz. For an Entire week, there were 3 different groups each night, representing different countries. We went on the 8th of June and the three groups of that night were Wood Black 4 from Austria, Moncef Genoud from Switzerland, and Theo Croker from USA (it was the first time a group from the USA was invented to this festival. I must say that the performance of the third one from the USA was amazing, such great music. Athens has a wide range of cultural programmes that go from theatre, music concerts, poetry etc. The problem will be what to choose because you cannot attend every event.

It was a great evening enjoying great music, it is something we recommend although it happens once a year it is always nice to know these events and get to know some great bands around the world.

For now, this is it but stay tuned we will be back with some more great places and events

Cláudia and Leandro



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