My experience so far

I’ve been living in Athens for almost 2 months, so much has happened so far and there are still 7 months left of my EVS experience. Before coming here I was struggling to find a job near my hometown in Italy and trying to figure out where I wanted my life to go. But I was lucky enough to be chosen for an EVS project in HYP.

I had many worries before even starting the EVS, since it’s my first time living outside my country, but I think I was able to manage my situation so far. At first everything was new, the first weeks were a sort of introduction of everything: the office, Athens, the EVS itself, etc. But after a month obviously I started getting used to my new life, I know some places and areas of the city quite well now, I don’t use google maps as much as I used to do at first, and I remember the road from my house and the office from memory: everything became routine. However, I still have many months left and I believe this project can still offer me great opportunities if I make the most out of them.


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