People come, people go!

Five months already done and I’m still very amazed about the number of people that went in my life and also left in this main time.

Time runs faster and as far I can see it makes life more difficult when it comes to create connections! We all feel more septic after so many “hello” and “good bye”.

It causes confusion in the mind, but also makes you grow a lot.

In this way makes you want to enjoy much more every single moment with the special people in your current life.

Not wasting time with fears or insecurities, cuz one day you will just gonna have a brief memory of it and then the nostalgia will take care of this space.

In the end of course you miss the loved ones that somehow get in your heart, but once you’re alive everything is possible and for sure if the universe conspire for it happen, one day we’ll see again, world is big but we are the ones who create distance.

So far I learned that this is how life works, but also that we’re the master’s of our own fate, like Lana says!




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