Mapping / Chloé – Maria

Today was mapping day and the weather was great, super sunny!

Well, our first stop was in the National Library in Panepistimiou and like almost every other Greek building the architecture is amazing and the unexpected fact is that this library was actually designed by a Danish architect called Theophil Freiherr von Hansen.


Like I said before the day was super sunny so we decided to look for some fresh cold juice and we went to Omonia for the fantastic “Loving Family”, which is a very cheap place were food is affordable for everyone, in fact they have unique prices and we paid only 0,50 cents for the orange juice each!


The route we did was not very organized and in the main time we tried to visit the greek parliament in Syntagma but to make this happen we discover that we need first call for them to make an appointment and it takes 5 days until the visit, so maybe next week we are going there.

Once we were in Syntagma we saw the change of the guards and after we went for one of the museums not far from the square.

BeFunky-collage (1)

Our last stop was in the museum of Greek culture, called Benaki Museum.

There was possible to see and feel the old Athens and many other elements of the history and evolution of the city and Greece in general. To not forget that there you also can find many religious elements and even about the fashion from the old times, like the traditional clothing for example!

BeFunky-collage (2)

Explore Athens is always an amazing experience!


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