EVS, experience, Athens!


I’m Moudasser from Sudan and for four years I live in France, specifically in Marseilles, and I’m volunteer in Athens for two month so in my previous experience I had a little background for such project because I participated in cultural exchange two times Austria, Spain for two weeks in each and the last one it was in the beginning of the last year.


So for my new experience I was scaring that I might have made a mistake in choosing the wrong project and the wrong country (Greece) because I have not any idea about the country or its peoples, and when I arrived at the airport, Nefeli our coordinator took me to the house and in the morning, Marton and Leandro the awesome volunteers who shared the house with us said, let prepare guys to go to the office with us, where I will spend the next two months and when arrived to the office I was wondering to find peoples their ideas and dealings are different from what I used to, but the surprise was when I entered the office and who all inside comes to welcome me with all the kindness and pleasure and I couldn’t imagine how wonderful this moment was for me and this moment added a lot in my relationship with them.


Then I went to visit Acropolis and acropolis museum in the same day, then I went to Monastiraki to have breakfast and the first thing I had in my mind it was to go to ask about Souvlaki because all my friends told me I have to take it the first meal when I arrive Athens, after eating for the first time Souvlaki, its became my favorite meal that in every two days I eat it and sometimes in everyday I use to eat it, and it was funny because everyone in the office knew me by eating too much Souvlaki, and when I went to the island of Agistri and it was the most beautiful place you could expect it in your imagination, then during my time in Athens I met new friends and I spent incredible moments with the friends and now I become not need much to use Google Maps because I knew many places even some of my friends saying me how all these places I knew them in a short time that I had it.


So when I realized that I spent one month and twenty three days and is left only a week to return to ( France, Marseille) I became feeling like I’m happy to go back to see my friends there in France but in the same time I feel by sadness because I knew super cool guys and I don’t want to leave them, but what I know is I will always be grateful for their wonderful personalities, support and treatment, and I can’t forget you guys, and I hope to meet you again in somewhere, and for who want to visit France and Marseille I am always welcome to you and I am waiting for you to meet again in a new place.

Good luck for you all.


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