Volunteer Chloe

My experience as a volunteer in the organization Hellenic Youth Participipation.

  • The realization of poster and communication through the social networks.
    I was in charge of organizing each week:


  • LANGUAGE CAFE, one return one hour gathering about ten participants which studied or study the French language and which tries to improve and especially to practise their linguistic abilities. Its was done in a friendly way and alternative by using non-formal education, aiming at making the training effective and amusing at the same time, we concentrate on the familiarization with the culture and the lifestyle of the country.

In the same way each weeks I was in charge of organizing :

  •   French/English TANDEMS, one return one hour between me and a another participant so that they can practise their French and I can practise my English. I adored to be in charge of his activities I have met very nice persons, full with finer feelingss who became friends, and made my experiment more beautiful! It was always a pleasure for me of occupying me of the communication of this activity so that new people are interested ace what we propose, it was very pleasant for me to accommodate new people to be able to communicate with them. These are the activities which make me more rained and for which I felt useful.

  • INTERCULTURAL NIGHT, to present France my country and his culture, through a slide show of the musics Frenchwoman, about ten person came, I had been able to find products French in Athens like cheese and French wines and I had to prepare about thirty crepes which were very to appreciate by all !


  •  IMAPPING, accompanied by Maria a way different of exploring the city on subjects various.
  • VIDEO With BASIC FRENCH, accompanied by Moudasser we have to create small a vacuum very funny by which povuver to teach you French the bases like the greetings, words of courtesies…


  • ERASMUS+ TRAINING PREPARATION, YOUTH EXCHANGE, team work to organize games (Team buildings, Ice breakers.) For the participation of youth Greek.


  • VIDEO, representative of my experiment as a volunteer in Greece for a evs through my pictures, videos and what I feel.



  •  And other activists on the blog of the volunteer as the division of a French receipt, the writing of text for my presentation and my first felt as a volunteer in EVS.

These two months as a volunteer were very enriching for me in all fields, there are things which I adored and of another things that I have less to appreciate, I had the occasion to make and learn from new thing that I had never made it before.

CONCLUSION : I have very few regrets, for this first experiment I made my better and I have to thank each person for their support and organizations who allowed me to live this single experience !


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  1. yamasaliki says:

    I’m an EVS volunteer too in Kalamata, Greece! Good luck on your adventures you’re doing an amazing thing.


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