Free And Real Experience

My experience with FEA is started with my friend from the On Arrival Training, of my EVS project, and I wanted to visit him in his project, and see how it really is:

Free And Real is an idea for self sustaining echological community, who use as minimal resources, as possible, and make the smallest echological footprint, and to be close and be one with the nature.

Its located at Agios (Άγιος), a small town, near Aidipsos (Αιδηψός), from Athens it takes around 4 hours to get there by bus, but in my oppinion it completly worth it. The echo-village is separated in 3 different places, the Test-site, the Workshop, and the Mountain. I spent there 3 days and 3 nights, helping and working together with the participants of the project. There are a lot of good people living and working there, the yurtes and living places all made by hand, without unneseceary, materials. Of course we are living in the age of technology, and lot of the participants are volunteers, so they use phones, laptops etc, so they have eletricity, but the best part is, they have charging station for this worked by solar panels. They also have garden for vegetables, what they are taking care of every day, and also a well, with water straight from the source, so its much cleaner than the water in the cities. The living space, “Test site” as called also close to the sea, about 5-6 minitues to get tehre, so the nights a bit cold, but it makes you feel good when you wrap yourself with a blanket at night, and theres just a minimal light pollution, so you can see most of the stars, so theres no real reason to sleep at night, if you can just stare at the sky.

As for food, they are cooking dinner every day for everyone at the Workshop, and its completley vegan, so its healthy, (but im a meat eater, so i can not do it for so long) and also they have a lot of fruits from local growers, who sell them cheap and tastes better than whats in the shops.

The days are so hot in the summer, so we worked in the morning, and evening hours at the Mountain, to set up everything for the upcoming festival (what already happened), and it was really great to work myself to the point where im so tired i bareley can move, and sleep at the mountain dome, where the vew of the town and the sea is amazing. I worked even in the last hours before i had to go to the bus to get back to Athens, over all, maybe it was just 3 days, but the best days i had for a long time.



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