Midterm Training

It took place at NISI, near Lamia,in the last week of the summer, with 30 participants, some of them from my On Arrival training, so I had some familiar faces and friends, so it wasnt was as strange as the first time. The whole place was like a big camping site, where the living quarters were modernized tents, with beds, heaters, fans, coolers, everything to make the best for your needs. The breakfast was self serving, but the lunch and dinner was served plate by plate, and it tasted amazing every day, so good we applauded to the kitchen lady every day.

The training was great, a lot of information sharing happened, from a lot of people, good and bad things, and also solutions for problems.The trainers did a great job with the activities, I felt just half as bored, as usual. The only big problem i had is the sea… This place is litereally on the sea side, only divided the twoo with a road, but the water was so dirty, and smelled so badly, i couldnt enjoy it at all. The showers were heated by solar panels, so hot water was in daytime or early evening, late night and in the morning the water was cold, so you woke up inmediatley, what was actually really good, because we had parties every night, drinking, dancing traditional greek dances, and our ovn “traditional” something what called dance, singing karaoke, and everything, we made our fun even when we got attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Also we celebrated the birthday of Manel, with cake and water baloon fight what took us around 30 minitues to set up with all the baloons, and it took us 3 minitues to throw all of them to each other.

We played basketball or volleyball every day, so the teamwork and social connection built up, without too much effort, we even had a game with blindfolders as a thrust game. The last morning everyone was super tired, because lot of us stayed up almost all night, to enjoy even the last moments. Then in the morning we got divided into 2 groups based on who has to go to transport earlier, but at the end, both of the groups went with the same bus or train i think, so everyone made it in time. Over all, it was a really fun, and different experience than before, so im glad i went there, and enjoyed myself.



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