First days

Hello Hypers and my dear people interested in my blog! =)

From a rooftop in Monastiraki. 15/10/2018

First all, I want to say thanks to my sending organisation (Viaje a la Sostenibilidad) & hosting organisation (Hellenic Youth Participation) to give this unique oportunity to participate in this project, also to all Europeans who with their taxes can invest in this educational and social program, called Erasmus+.

With this, it is my second EVS, this time of long duration. The city is made for me, it has a lot of life, music/street art everywhere, good food, good weather… The truth is, I feel at home. The adaptation is looking very simple and the association in which I am volunteering is facilitating all the things I need and MORE. I can imagine that my bad moments will arrive, as everywhere, so here I am living the present and trying to know more everything around me.

Big hug


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