Welcome to Athens – Note to Self

Chapter of life no.3105


Dull weather, a suitcase full of excitement for the new journey that already started in my head months ago. Now i’m finally here.. Alone away from my home, away from my comfort zone, away from the reality i’m used to have for the last 30 years.. New experiences on the way and i’m so ready for it..


Two weeks after the arrival

Trying to find my “silver line”

I love all the people here at Hyp, they greeted me with open arms, kind feelings and positive vibes. I’m very happy to be here, i like meeting new people, good people.. You attract what you are ready for and what you vibrate comes back to you and i’m grateful i attracted this beautiful experience now in my life and i hope this experience has the most positive influence on me.. I will discover new aspects of myself, i will expand my knowledge on the subjects i’m interested on and i will experience new things around me everyday. I see many different things everywhere i go, part of the multicultural character the society of Athens has. The way so many people, with many differences, find a way to live together and cope within the Athenian way of life.

I will find my way to live within this Athenian way life..


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