Time goes fast

Γεια σου, τι κανεις? Καλή χρόνια! =)

The good thing happens fast they say… In almost my 3 months here is an absolute truth. I still remember the first day as if it were yesterday, although in between there were a thousand things, mixed feelings, new places visited, new friendships, endless new anecdotes…

StreetLights/Hive in Kipseli

My work as a volunteer in HYP from my point of view is great, very active sometimes, with moments of relaxation another times. They are very flexible knowing always that when you are needed you will be there supporting everything, therefore it is very similar to my old job in Villalbilla, Madrid.

During November, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a Youth Exchange Preview with topics about entrepreneurship and empowerment of young people in rural areas in the north of Greece, also to visit a large part of the Peloponnese with my family that came to visit me, and also to participate in an event about Trafficking in Human Beings, and of course, play my first football game in Athens.

In December we were in the middle of the lost mountain near Karpenisi (magical place), with more EVS people from all over Greece to a training to exchange our feelings of living a new life in the country, also practical things about the program we are part of .
On the other hand, we made an event together with the other volunteers of HYP to promote volunteering, taking advantage of being the “World Volunteer Day”.

We also help in a festival “Integra Fest 2018” for the “Migrant Day” with another of the organizations that collaborate “Greek Forum of Migrants”.

Cake on the 6º anniversary of HYP

As the last party of the year we celebrated the sixth anniversary of the organization, it was a success.

I would like to quote StreetLights which is another of the organizations that work one day a week and say that the hours there are super satisfying seeing children and young people mostly refugees smile and forgetting, even for a moment, their situations are not very good in their past lives. All the best for them! I also wish all the best to the volunteers who finished their project in December, Leandro and Marton.

Snow in Athens

To finish… I spent the holidays in Madrid with my loved ones there, and on my way back I was lucky to see snow in Athens, so I could take myself some pictures doing the clown, as usual 😉


That’s it, thanks for reading! And I will try to write more often.

¡Hasta pronto!


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