A meaningful pause

Dear you,

It’s been almost two weeks that I’m in Athens and strangely I forget this fact. This feeling is weird and in the same way reassuring. Why? I guess it means that this city is now inside my daily life. So, I try to make a pause in my routine and focus on the present, telling myself: 

Dude you are in Athens !

This little thing helps me a lot to enjoy what I do and, most of all, appreciate the present moment. I’m not gonna say what The Daila-Lama says better than me: living the present, but I think it’s really important to take some pause in our life and realize what we do and what we have done … a kind of assessment on ourself we can say.

This EVS is for me an incredible luck to do this pause in a productive way: do something that is meaningful and being far from my comfort zone in France. I know, do we really need to go so far from home to do a useful pause? I will tell yes and no.
No because we can do it in every moment, it’s just a matter of will and taking the time.
Yes for the reason that it’s easier to see the reality of your feelings when you are far from your landmark and your social obligation. 

So, let’s take a pause together and let’s see what will be the conclusion of this adventure. 😉

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