Everything can have a second chance

If you have already read a few articles on this blog, you surely know that an EVS gives you the opportunity to discover about yourself and about other cultures. But it’s an occasion to discover new behaviors too, and learn about other ways in which you can act effectively in your daily life: like reusing old stuff.

I have the luck to be volunteering in another organisation called Archipelagos. The principal aim of this Social Cooperative is to include people who, most of the time, are excluded by the society like old prisoners, people with mental issues or migrants by giving them job opportunities. For them is like a second chance to reach a “normal” life and to feel accepted again by the society. A kind of a second chance for them. I’m helping them in one of their projects: Second Hand Shop.

Even if we can say that nowadays this kind of shop is “fashion”, I think that there is a really good life philosophy beside it.
The products that are sold there are only from donations. Thanks to this, customers can find good deals and buy some products that normally they can’t. By buying this, they help Archipelagos to continue its wonderful job and give a second chance to objects that will be normally thrown away. So, no need to buy a new expensive product with a lot of packaging, which is less ecological. A truly win-to-win situation that helps everyone and the environment!

Isn’t it wonderful how the simply daily act of buying can sometimes change the world positively?

For more information, here is the link : https://acoop.gr/home-en/.

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