Dynamıc equılıbrıum

In chemistry, a dynamic equilibrium exists once a reversible reaction ceases to change its ratio of reactants/products creating an equilıbrıum. However  the substances still move between the chemicals at an equal rate creatıng thıs dynamıcs. Thıs phenomenon always ıntrıgued me because normally one assumes that for one thıng to be ın equılıbrıum ıt can only…


“The place of the rising sun”

I like my nights, intercultural.

One of the best things about an experience abroad is to get to meet people from all over the world. From organized to spontaneous intercultural nights to cozy tavernas hidden in Athens to just being us, chilling at home. Last weekend I climbed the Hymettus mountain with 2 other volunteers from another NGO from Spain…


Meaning of words.With time I have fallen in love with words and how one can play with them being translated into wittiness and how one can do a semantic highjack.  I have also taken them more seriously, making them more worthwhile when necessary. These go along with personal commitment but also working commitments (which btw…

Creativity and Motivation

On Friday we had Hania’s own workshop on Motivation and Creativity. I can say it was the most fun workshop in HYP thus far. Not only because I didn’t have to do much prepping and during the event, so I could really relax and enjoy as a participant. Being a very analytical person myself, I…


I have 2 wives at home and two with me in Kefalonia. All of them very different and all of them simply beautiful. My harem shapes my Athens experience with their particular quirks but all of them equally kind.


I have always done things because I like doing them and because it makes sense for me. I find it funny that some things in my life are finally making sense that before I couldn’t explain to myself and to others other than I am interested in it and I was curious.


This week started to get a little bit more real for me. Not only has the work increased but also I started to face new challenges, which allows space for growth.