All good things come to an end

Hard to believe that it’s been already almost 2 months in Greece and even harder that it’s already time to leave.

The time has come

Despite our obvious happiness in Athens, I think we were all waiting for one thing. Holidays of course! Once we knew we will have some free time in August, we started our broad researches about Greek islands. Local people helped us a lot but anyway it turned out that we have to go basically everywhere….

Keep calm and learn!

I think there are a lot of things I would like to have in my life but definitely one of the most important one that I lack is… patience.

The real challenge

Among lots of activities we did last week, one was definitely the most important and perfectly summed up our second full week in Athens. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about The Park Challenge!  

Souvlaki, parakaló!

Little statistics for the first week in Athens: – 6 souvlaki already eaten – 3 flatmates = new friends – 4 volunteers in the office besides me (new friends as well!)

Έλα; Greece is calling!

When I told my mom I am going to spend two months of my summer holidays doing an EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Athens, her first question was „Are you sure you will survive summer in Athens?”.