winter is coming !

Yessss winter’s almost came. Athens weather become windy, little bit cold, some rain. This week all day was rainy in Athens. Actually its good for me, i like some cold because i can wear jacket. Jackets is my holy. 🙂 So what did i do last weeks? I went Athens Gypsy Jazz Fest. It was…


Meaning of words.With time I have fallen in love with words and how one can play with them being translated into wittiness and how one can do a semantic highjack.  I have also taken them more seriously, making them more worthwhile when necessary. These go along with personal commitment but also working commitments (which btw…


Things are going too fast! Hania and Ola are now in Granada, Spain and Isabel also spent 2 weeks in USA. Now in Ola and Hania’s house there is a new girl, Martina from Slovakia who is living in Athens for the second time. Before Hania left to Granada., we went to a typical taverna…


My title is “sonbahar”. It’s mean “autumn” in Turkish . Sonbahar = son and bahar so its mean son: last, bahar: spring. I started with that because sonbahar’s mean sometimes “separation, leave, farewell”. And also i choosed that title because autumn started with the separations. Ola and Hania. Thank you for everything. Thank you for…


Time to say goodbye… Two months went really quickly but at the same time I feel as if I’m 2 years older because of the richness of experience I had in Elláda.

Creativity and Motivation

On Friday we had Hania’s own workshop on Motivation and Creativity. I can say it was the most fun workshop in HYP thus far. Not only because I didn’t have to do much prepping and during the event, so I could really relax and enjoy as a participant. Being a very analytical person myself, I…


I have 2 wives at home and two with me in Kefalonia. All of them very different and all of them simply beautiful. My harem shapes my Athens experience with their particular quirks but all of them equally kind.

All good things come to an end

Hard to believe that it’s been already almost 2 months in Greece and even harder that it’s already time to leave.

How to prepare a workshop?

This week I have been focused mainly on two tasks: application form for Erasmus+ and my personal project.

The time has come

Despite our obvious happiness in Athens, I think we were all waiting for one thing. Holidays of course! Once we knew we will have some free time in August, we started our broad researches about Greek islands. Local people helped us a lot but anyway it turned out that we have to go basically everywhere….

Ionian Adventure

The last 2 weeks were our holidays! We have decided to visit the Ionian Sea:  Lefkada and Kefalonia islands. It was simply… amazing!